Pineapple & It’s Benefits

Fruits are eaten in every part of the world because of following reasons:
1. They are good in taste,
2. You will not find your abdomen heavy after eating them,
3. They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals,
4. They are beneficial from many health aspects
5. They are very good in weight management program.

One of The Benefits Of Juice Fasting And Detoxification- Natural Weight Loss

Natural healing is highly recommended and preferred by most concerned individuals nowadays. With various illnesses ranging from simple coughs and colds to the extreme and complicated types of cancer, without doubt, these are caused by our poor food intake, such as fast foods, alcohol, cigarettes, preservatives, food additives, etc; also, other sources include medicines, cosmetics,Continue reading “One of The Benefits Of Juice Fasting And Detoxification- Natural Weight Loss”

Weight Loss Diet Plan for 7 Days with Watermelon

Watermelon mainly consists of water. This article will share a diet plan for 7 days using watermelon for weight loss. the breakfast will remain the same for 7 days. BREAKFAST for 7 days A slice of watermelon, 50 g of toasted bread (2 slices), a cup of tea or coffee sweetened with honey. First DayContinue reading “Weight Loss Diet Plan for 7 Days with Watermelon”

Watermelon-Facts, Health Benefits and Weightloss

watermelon is a fruit typical of summer, being able to provide, on hot days, fluid intake significantly. This fruit is constituted 95.3% share of water. In 100 grams there are not more than 16 calories.Pepenele inlicopen rich green. This substance has an antioxidant effect on cholesterol, prevents inflammation, and inhibits the formation of certain typesContinue reading “Watermelon-Facts, Health Benefits and Weightloss”