Wheat Germ – Facts and Health Benefits

Given a large number of essential nutrients from wheat germ, they bring a wealth of benefits to our health.

First, wheat germ helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, thus reducing cardiovascular riscurileproblemele.

Wheat germ contribute and improve energy storage in muscle and also increases strength and vitality.

Wheat germ contains octacosanol (nutrients) that help improve the body’s reflexes and can be used as a supplement to and during a weight loss diet.

 In addition, they help improve processes that use oxygen to the body. Wheat germs help balance the metabolism and increase the body’s ability to handle stress.

Wheat germ contains antioxidants.

Wheat germ contains a large amount of vitamin E complex, which includes natural antioxidants. Therefore help prevent heart disease, cancer, and aging.

Wheat germ protects muscles, blood, lungs and eyes. They prevent blood clots and help strengthen the immune system.

Folic acid from wheat seeds helps lower levels and thus prevents damage homocysteine anterior. Vitamin B aids in digestion, tissue repair, and maintaining healthy skin.

Wheat germ is a rich source of natural fiber, essential to maintain the efficient functioning of the intestines. They are helpful and constipation.

How to store wheat germ.

Wheat germ contains unsaturated fats, and this is one of the reasons why wheat germ Rancidity quickly. Unprocessed wheat germs are quite difficult to keep.

If you keep them in a sealed jar, they can hold up to almost a year. But once you open the jar, you must store it in the refrigerator. Make sure wheatgerm is always stored in an airtight container.

Wheat germ can be frozen for a period of validity up to nine months.

How can you eat wheat germ?

Wheat germ can be consumed in several ways. They can be added to a variety of recipes, as a nutritional ingredient that often makes a difference in the taste of food.

Are used in the preparation of bread, pancakes, waffles, pies, cakes, cereals, in shakes and milk can be eaten with yogurt.

Benefits of wheat germ (wheat germ or wheat embryos) are so numerous health: combat constipation, reduce cholesterol, prevent anemia, prevent cancer, especially colon cancer, energizing effect, prevent diabetes, regulates blood clotting, keeps youthful are useful in weight loss diets and so on.

How often do you eat wheat germ?

Wheat germ or wheat embryos contain substances with a high capacity and also energizing are high in vitamins, minerals, and active substances. All these properties of wheatgerm slow processes senescence (aging) of cells and are protective of genes.
Alfalfa sprouts, prevent cancer

Just because wheat embryos have protective properties for human genes wheat germs are considered to have powerful anti-cancer, germ theory is available for plants in general.
CONSUMPTION wheat germ prevents anemia.

Being rich in minerals, and vitamins such as vitamin C or B vitamins, wheat germ prevents several types of anemia, such as those recommended prone to anemia, children, athletes, pregnant women but by women during menstruation and more especially those who have menstrual bleeding over 5 days.
Wheat germ diets.

Wheat germ contains natural fats monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats good health or those we might even say necessary to maintain health.

Therefore wheat germ is useful in regulating weight, mobilizing excess fat deposits, and reducing excess pounds. Eat at least one teaspoon of germs every day (in salads, whole grains, or on an empty stomach in the morning) and you will enjoy the wonderful effects of this miracle plant.
Blood clotting Adjusts alfalfa sprouts.

They are high in folic acid, wheat germ reducing homocysteine ​​in the body, with a protective effect on arteries and the cardiac system.

Consumption of wheat germ also less tendency to increase blood clotting, such as in certain diseases, some infections, the active or passive smokers, in women taking birth control pills, people who have varicose veins, and so on.

And remember: health remains the best prevention!
or choose a course of a month to take on an empty stomach every morning a spoon tipped germs;
– Or choose to eat the seeds in fruit salads or vegetables;
– Be put germs in milk or yogurt with whole grains you eat or should eat them within a few mornings a week.

It is recommended not to plant seeds cooked canceled because of all therapeutic concepts.
PROPERTIES alfalfa sprouts.

Wheat germ is actually the seed of wheat embryos, being rich in vitamin A intakes and vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, vitamin PP, and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc. The wheat germ is high in energy and renewable powerful substances help the body recover at shorter periods of convalescence and the elimination of oxidative stress.
Wheat germ prevents diabetes.

The wheat germ of good quality carbohydrates is absorbed slowly, maintaining a constant blood sugar for several hours after ingestion. Thus consumption of wheat germ-keeping blood glucose levels without the “whip” the pancreas and metabolism as happens in consumption of sugar or sugar-containing products.
Alfalfa sprouts, high-energy IS

Wheat germ is indicated in all periods of convalescence or physical and mental strain: sports or physical overload periods, exams, stress strong, insufficient rest, etc.
Wheat germ replenishes energy levels and metabolism reagleaza.
Constipation COMBAT wheat germ and prevent colon cancer

Wheat germ is rich in fiber and that’s why you have to drink the fluids: a glass of water, milk or yogurt. Hydrated fibers in the gut may exercise maximum benefits: constipation is fought, and colon cancer is preventable. Of course, wheat germ and prevent other intestinal diseases, the only condition is to not have gluten intolerance.

Alfalfa sprouts lower cholesterol.

People who have LDL cholesterol, high cholesterol (the “bad cholesterol”) have a high risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure (hypertension) and so on.

Also, cholesterol is essential for survival. So it is very important that these concentrations of cholesterol and lipid fractions maintain balance. Wheat germ concentration regulates blood cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular disease.


Wheat germ oil helps restore the freshness of aged skin, and this oil helps remove unpleasant folds near sagging cheeks and eyes. For centuries, it has been famous for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Cheap and effective products give odds to the most innovative creams and serums.

Since ancient times, wheat has been cultivated by humans and has been an important part of his life. This culture is respected all over the world. However, not everyone knows that this cereal can be used not only for cooking but also for obtaining more valuable foods in some other way.

For the skin, wheat germ oil is a natural source of beneficial vitamins and minerals that can brighten our face with youth and beauty.

This type of oil contains many of the nutrients that a crop needs to grow and develop. And people have long learned to receive it. The benefits of this unique oil are highly valued not only in cosmetology but also in folk remedies and nutrition.


All the power of cereal oil is hidden in its natural composition. Amino acids (leucine and tryptophan), polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-9), vitamin complexes (B1, B6, A), antioxidants (squalene, allantin) – With bioactive substances above XNUMX Trace elements. Wheat oil alone contains the most “youthful vitamins” (E) and helps maintain skin freshness and elasticity.

Universal wheat germ oil is suitable for girls and women of all skin types. Dry and sensitive – receive additional nutrients and moisture, has oily problems – removes greasy shine and darkening.

Wheat germ oil contains the maximum amount of vitamin E, which is essential for health and beauty, among all oils. This vitamin is an antioxidant that helps us maintain good health and beauty. It’s no coincidence that it’s called a youth vitamin.

Wheat germ oil Benefits:

It kindles metabolic processes in the body.

Slows down the aging process.

It removes harmful substances from the body.

Completely cleanses the skin on the face and neck.

It relieves inflammation that may appear on the skin. Effective for treating acne and acne.

Improves complexion and makes it even.

Promotes healing of wounds, abrasions and burns.

Perfectly strengthens and tightens the skin.

Promotes good blood circulation in the tissue.

Helps remove wrinkles. Great for all skin types.

Helps fight the signs of cellulite.

Strengthens hair and makes it healthy.

Ether completely stimulates the metabolic process (metabolism and oxygen exchange), causing blood circulation. It slows down the aging process, blocks UV rays, and removes harmful toxins. To improve the sagging and thinning of the skin, the complexion and contour of the face will be uniform.

With normal use, wrinkles will gradually smooth out, pores will tighten, and the skin will become fresh and elastic.


Individual intolerance to wheat germ oil is extremely rare. You can find it with the help of an allergy test. Drop a few drops of ether on your wrist and wait 15-20 minutes. If there are no obvious signs of irritation such as swelling or redness, oil is a good choice.

 It is not recommended to bleed the wound or apply wheat germ oil immediately after the salon’s face wash (peeling).

Internally, wheat germ oil is not recommended for people suffering from cholelithiasis or urolithiasis.


Please go to a pharmacy or a natural cosmetics store to purchase.

 Ask for a sample of oil: study its consistency and odor. High-quality wheat germ oil has a persistent herbal aroma and a sticky brown to pale amber texture.

Choose a dark glass bottle so that the oil holds all the beneficial trace elements longer. Please be careful about the expiration date.


The oil is applied in different versions: masks, other oils, in pure form as part of homemade cream.

Due to its viscous texture, ether is most often diluted with light oil in a 1: 3 ratio. Peach, apricot, and rose oil are effective. IMPORTANT: Metal appliances are not suitable for mixing.

Surprisingly, when combined with cream, the wheat germ can hardly be applied to particularly sensitive areas such as the eyelids, under the eyes, and lips.

Soak the face mask within 30 minutes. Otherwise, your skin will burn.

In pure form, ether is applied point-by-point to problem areas of the skin to burn acne. The oil can be heated, but since it is below 40 degrees Celsius, all useful substances do not evaporate.

Cosmetics with wheat germ oil should only be applied to pre-washed skin.


To get closer to the ideals of beautiful eyelashes like Malvina, without resorting to artificial methods, you need to feed them daily. Wheat germ oil is ideal, especially for routine use of mascara.

It is recommended to remove makeup daily with this oil to strengthen the eyelashes. After removing the makeup, gently rub the oil on the eyelashes. Naturally, this procedure is done before bedtime.

When do you expect the effect? Within a few days, the eyelashes will be lighter in color, thicker and longer in a few weeks.


A mask based on 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil, which contains the following ingredients, helps to soften and velvety the skin.

  1. Half a tablespoon of oatmeal and honey.

2. teaspoon of peach oil

3. drops of chamomile essential essence.

Mix all ingredients and apply to face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a nourishing cream.

Wheat germ oil should be included in every woman’s collection of natural oils as it is a great tool to help remove any imperfections in the skin of the face and make it look younger.


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