Top 11 Most Popular Green Diet Plans

Which to include in the overall diet plans or which to not be a question of choice as well as physicians recommendations, but overall here is a list of top 11 most popular green diet plans:

1.  Green Tea Diet

Green tea has been the part of Chinese diet, but now it has been accepted worldwide.  There are many health benefits associated with green tea diet.  It is the belief that drinking green tea can prevent you from cancer, help you in weight control, and it has antioxidant applications.

Smoothie Diet Plan

2.  Green Smoothie Diet

Green smoothie diet has many health advantages.  Drinking green smoothie is one of the best things which anyone can do to lose weight.  It is the reason the consumption of green smoothie is growing day by day.

3.  Green Coffee Diet

Green coffee is one of the most important as well as widely consumed diets that you can add in your diet plans.  The antioxidants of green coffee help melt your fat away.

4.  Green Juice Diet (Soup)

Begin you day with a glass of green juice.  Green juice has many benefits such as weight loss, clearer skin, improved vision, improved memory, and improved energy level.

5.  Green Bean Diet

Although green beans are available in various forms, but the most popular is green coffee bean which should be included in the green diet plans.  Study reveals green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which is the key to its weight loss benefits.

6.  Green Drink Diet (Liquid)

There are many green drinks available in the market which claims the nutritional benefits of green plants and vegetables.  Green drink diet is really beneficial for health.  It provides you the power to fight with fatigue as well as weight.

7.  Green Apple Diet

Green apple is one of most popular green diets that should be immediately included in the overall diet plans whether its men, women, children, or older.  The most important benefit is its dietary fiber which helps in bowel movement regulation.  It is also very beneficial in terms of weight loss program.

8.  Green Shake Diet

Most of the times green smoothie and green shake offers the same benefits.  Once again, green shake diet proved to be one of the most popular green diets that many people have already include in their daily diet plans.

9.  Green Detox Diet

Detox diet is also known as cleansing diet.  Green Detox diet helps removing toxins from our body.  Green Detox diet is also known as a great solution for losing weight.  No doubt it is a perfect solution to your overall diet plans.

10.  Green Food Diet

Green foods are known as the raw foods for human beings.  Whether its green plans, green fruits, or green vegetables, all are the different forms of green diet.

11.  Green Vegetable Diet

Green vegetable diet is also known as green leaf diet.  Many people would say it as green salad diet also.  There are many health benefits of consuming green vegetables on a daily basis.  It is the most popular form of different green diet.


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